Since I spent most of my energy writing it, I’ll just link it: Reddit::Client Official Documentation.

I use it for all of my Reddit related scripts, so developing it isn’t just an intellectual exercise. All of the new functionality and fixes arose out of necessity. In fact, if any functionality is still lacking (and there are a few things), it’s probably because I haven’t had a need for it yet.

Feedback or questions can be sent to me at my email below or on Reddit to /u/earth-tone.


I recently had a need to convert a massive amount of old video clips to mp4. They were in varying formats: wmv, mpg, avi, mov. I wrote this script to do it. Quality loss is undetectable to me, although if it is to you, you can always increase the CRF (currently 20, though even most videophiles agree that going below 18 is a waste of time).


Reddit::Client with Oauth support for the required switch on August 3, 2015. This version also contains a function to send private messages, and a bug fix that was preventing the me() function from working. The original Reddit::Client can be found here:


Here’s a Perl script to download all of the images from a Tumblr blog.

It’s based off of last month’s script to download all the images from a Reddit subreddit, and has all of the same options, although this time around most of them aren’t necessary. You can limit the size of the individual images (default: 3mb), and the total diskspace (default: no limit), but since Tumblr has its own image size limit, you’re not likely to need them. Similarly you can limit the number of bad requests in a row (default: 50), but since the images are coming from Tumblr itself and are laid out nice and orderly for us, you’re not likely to have many or any bad requests. (Unlike a Reddit subreddit, where your images are coming in willy nilly from all directions with all sizes and fomats).

The syntax hilighting for this came from, and I really like it; the only problem is that this page’s CSS interferes with it, so I had to stick it into an iframe.

The script source can be found here.

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