I recently had a need to get all of the images from a subreddit, so I wrote this script to do it, then decided to release it for public consumption. If the syntax highlighting below is hard to read you can get the source here. (I tried to make it look as much like vi as possible, the environment I write most of my Perl in. It came out looking all right, but with some slightly mangled indentation).

It will download any direct image link as well as any single-page imgur link— meaning the links that omit the file extension like this one, and also the ones that use a 13-character filename (those actually link the imgur file to a Reddit post, if you wondered). Galleries and albums will be ignored. Self posts or any other kind of web page will be ignored. Any file without a MIME type of “image” and a file type of jpeg, png or gif will be ignored (you can add additional types if you want).


I don’t usually have trouble finding the right command for what I want to do in ffmpeg; there’s a recipe out there for anything you can think of, usually on the first page of Google results. What I haven’t been able to find, even though I’ve searched many times, is a complete reference of flags and options. So I made one.

This is the complete list, outputted from ffmpeg by running `ffmpeg -h full`.


Sometimes it’s desirable to trim a page down to it’s bare essentials so that it loads as fast as possible. I do this when I’m linking a page someplace like Reddit, where it’s possible it will get 10,000 hits in 5 minutes. My server has “unlimited bandwidth”, but of course there’s a catch, and that’s that my per-second bandwidth is limited. If too many people hit a page at once the site could experience the infamous Hug Of Death if I’m not prepared for it.


These are the top 100 adult film actresses of 2014-2015 by Pornhub views, taken from their pornstars page and sorted by year.

Celebrities whose primary profession isn’t adult film were omitted, like Kim Kardashian and Farah Abraham. Since this is based on views alone, it may include some actresses who aren’t even working any more, like Sasha Grey. Another caveat is that this is obviously based on the tastes of people who watch streaming video on sites like Pornhub, which might not be representative of the industry as a whole.



Buttons. Will update this page as I make more buttons.


Karma Train Karma Train

Have the Beatles tell OP to go ask their mother Ask your mother

Karma Police Karma Police

*record scratch* record scratch

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