The UBWG link faker


For April Fools this year I altered into a tool of madness, anarchy, and mild annoyance.

It’s not even a single tool, actually; it’s the entire site. Any time you link to a top-level page on UBWG that doesn’t exist, you’ll instead be served a fake news page using the URL as the headline. An example will save a lot of description:

  • As you can see in the example, the URL looks real, to get people who check URLs before clicking.
  • Since it generates a real page, it will get people who use link previews too.
  • The words in the URL become the headline and title of the page. Each word is capitalized so that your URL can be all lowercase for authenticity. It even goes into the metadata as the description, and if you tweet or like it, it’ll be inserted automatically.
  • A fake thumbnail image is randomly generated, which will appear if the article is linked on sites like Reddit.
  • The page itself inserts a random image for added authenticity.
  • Other Easter eggs are hidden around the page to entertain people who feel like poking around.

Try it out!



  1. DF

    Thank you! This is awesome!


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