The Top 100 Adult Film Actresses of 2014-2015, Graphed


These are the top 100 adult film actresses of 2014-2015 by Pornhub views, taken from their pornstars page and sorted by year.

Celebrities whose primary profession isn’t adult film were omitted, like Kim Kardashian and Farah Abraham. Since this is based on views alone, it may include some actresses who aren’t even working any more, like Sasha Grey. Another caveat is that this is obviously based on the tastes of people who watch streaming video on sites like Pornhub, which might not be representative of the industry as a whole. For example, nude photography is a very popular genre, but most of these models don’t do photography, or aren’t the ones who are popular in that genre. Their videos are almost universally straight and hardcore.

Most of the measurements came from the Internet Adult Film Database. What they lacked I tracked down with manual searches, which often ended at Boobpedia, a site you shouldn’t be surprised exists, and failing that, usually the model’s bio page from a producer or her own home page.

Bust Size

I learned a lot about bra sizes while researching this. For example, I learned that cup size is not an absolute measurement; a 32C bra might be nearly the same as a 34B, despite both the band (the chest at either the ribs or above the breasts) and the cup being different. But I couldn’t find a good formula to quantize that. Women’s clothing seems to be very magical when it comes to sizing. In the end I decided just to go with straight cup size even though it’s not a 100% perfect picture of breast size.

The largest was Hitomi Tanaka, whose breasts are so large, and her band so small, it wasn’t even clear that she had an official size. Boobpedia gives several conflicting measurements, as a crowd of people who have glimpsed Bigfoot will. In the end I was led to her Instagram page, where she’d posted a picture of her tag for curious fans. It’s 32N in U.S. measurements, 32JJ in British.


The heights spanned a full foot, from 4’11”-5’11”, with shorter girls being more prevalent, but not by as much as I’d thought. There was a surprising (to me) spike at 5’7” and 5’8”; I’d expected a smooth curve downwards. The most common height is 5’4” at 19%, followed by 5’3” at 18%.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

Weight is a nearly meaningless measurement when you have such a span of heights. Tori Black is 140lbs but thin, because she’s 5’9”. I went with Body Mass Index instead, or BMI.

I thought this would be a straight calculation of height divided by weight, but it’s actually slightly more complicated than that. The formula is (weight * 703) / height2. This gives you a number of around 15-40, with 18.5-24.5 considered normal and healthy. By this measure, only two of the girls came in as overweight: Cherokee D’Ass at 26 and Pinky at 31.

Quite a few, 26%, came in as underweight (the values in the chart are rounded, so “18” is actually the range from 17.5-18.49). It should probably also be noted that BMI is not a perfect indicator of weight health, although it’s chiefly faulted for not taking high muscle mass into account at the heavy end of the spectrum; my small amount of research didn’t turn up any debate about the lower end.

Waist to Hip Ratio

Similar to weight being useless unless height is considered, hip and waist size are less useful unless taken together. This is a straight division of waist by hip, with a smaller number being curvier.

I had trouble finding a number for the average female waist-to-hip ratio. The number .7 came up a lot as “ideal”. Unsurprisingly, these girls skew heavily towards the lower numbers, with only 15% coming in at over .75, and only 4% over .80. The lowest was again Cherokee D’Ass at .58, and now I’ve typed that name twice, followed by Lisa Ann and Holly Halston at .59.

A sortable list of the source data can be found here (not very mobile-friendly).



  1. Stephan

    You might find this reference useful where you can use the volume measurement of the breast as a basis for size comparison. You’ll simply have to match the cup sizes to the volume and then group by volume.

  2. Steve

    Are you sure all the measurements are correct? Faye Reagan is listed as a B cup but that just can’t be right.

  3. earth-tone (Author)

    It’s what the IAFD has for her, but now that you mention it, that does seem a bit small for her.

  4. Statisticslover

    I love this type of statistics, thank you very much! The only data I wish was included is the age of the actress, maybe this can be added to future works. Again, thank you

  5. 2SigmaOrGtfo

    Stephan, Steve, OP, i can shed some light here. Bra size is only a measure of the size of a bra. That sounds like it should correlate with breast volume, but that correlation is weaker than you think. My father is an accomplished plastic surgeon and he explained it to me. Saggy and/or floppy breasts hang lower than tighter, perkier breasts, even of the same volume. Therefore they often require a larger bra. Even when this is not the case, they appear to be larger, as the 2 dimensional image of the breast you see has a higher area than that of a less saggy breast. What’s more, I’ve read that a large portion of women wear what could be considered the wrong bra size. They picked one out visually and didn’t get properly fitted, but they stuck with it.

    It’s worth noting that when you get an implant, which i imagine some of these actresses did, that implant can be over or under the muscle. Over the muscle breasts can easily sag, especially with relatively high volume, and especially when there wasn’t much tissue to begin with. This leads to increased bra size compared to under-the-muscle implants, which are held fast to your chest by your own musculature, even when implants are the same size in terms of cc’s.

    My dad has taken women with double d bra sizes, and with just a breast “lift”, without removing any breast tissue, they’ve gone to C’s and even B’s.

  6. Ipecac

    It would be great to see the values for the total female population plotted on the same axes

  7. Mental

    What would make this rock is if there were corresponding graphs based on a statistically significant portion of the general population. Otherwise you’re effectively just showing averages with nothing to contrast it to regarding the norm. Still, I’m sure it was a fun use of time.

  8. Shmoo_usn

    As a tertiary to “bust size”, I’d be curious if there were any sort of solid statistics about the percentage of these women whose breasts are natural, vice those who opted for implants (which I, personally, loathe)? The sheer numbers of those in the industry who have chosen augmentation leads me to believe the data compiled in first graph is (likely) significantly skewed….. :-(


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