Tumpics: download all of the images from a Tumblr blog


Here’s a Perl script to download all of the images from a Tumblr blog.

It’s based off of last month’s script to download all the images from a Reddit subreddit, and has all of the same options, although this time around most of them aren’t necessary. You can limit the size of the individual images (default: 3mb), and the total diskspace (default: no limit), but since Tumblr has its own image size limit, you’re not likely to need them. Similarly you can limit the number of bad requests in a row (default: 50), but since the images are coming from Tumblr itself and are laid out nice and orderly for us, you’re not likely to have many or any bad requests. (Unlike a Reddit subreddit, where your images are coming in willy nilly from all directions with all sizes and fomats).

The syntax hilighting for this came from hilite.me, and I really like it; the only problem is that this page’s CSS interferes with it, so I had to stick it into an iframe.

The script source can be found here.



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