Christopher Nolan Begins Casting Interstellar 2

11/24/2017 I.P. Freighleigh
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Not really (probably). You've been punked. This page displays the filename portion of the URL as the headline. See how your address bar says Whatever's after the slash will become both the headline of the article and the title of the page (look at your title bar! It's there too! Aah!). Try it yourself! Use dashes or underscores for spaces.

Useful for fooling those people who not only check URLs, but who use page previews too. They've gone so far out of their way to not have their time wasted! What are the chances that someone would fake both, just to mess with them? Who would do a thing like that?

Ronald McDonald's unstable brother
Ronald McDonald's unstable brother

Look at this. They even put an image on the page so that it'll look more like a real article for someone using link previews. It even uses today's date to make it seem like breaking news. If you tweet or like it, it'll put in the fake title as the headline. If someone links it on a site like Reddit, it'll put a newsy-looking picture in as the thumbnail. Randomly chosen, of course, because there's nothing like getting someone twice in the same day to destroy trust forever.

Assuming conservatively that every page view wasted 10 seconds of someone's time, then this page has wasted 3,540,300 seconds that might otherwise have been productive.

Go ahead and try it yourself; separate words with dashes or underscores. You could probably get some weird characters to show up, but don't do that; you want it to look like a real URL. Use letters and numbers only. Don't capitalize words either; real filenames usually don't, and the page does that automatically. And don't enter a file extension either (.html, etc). Fancy pants modern websites are too good for file extensions. Sure, they'll put up with them on Christmas and Thanksgiving, but they've got a real life now, in a real city.

I bet a certain number of people will forward this "article" without even reading it. That's actually a good thing, because it will let you identify the monsters that do that.